Dispatches from the Flyway is a newsletter intended to spread bird joy by sharing personal sightings, photos, and reflections on some of our feathered friends. If you are a bird lover, a beginner birder (or beyond!), or even someone just interested in deepening your understanding about the world outside your window, you might find something interesting here!

About me

I’m a beginner birder, hobbyist photographer, and overall bird lover who has a day job in tech marketing. I’ve loved birds since I was a kid, and started this newsletter as a passion project to share some sightings.

Other stuff

Logo designed by me, featuring your friendly neighborhood song sparrow and its song. The font used is Whirly Birdie by Alex Tomlinson—a super talented graphic designer currently working for National Audubon Society.

I shoot with a Fuji XT-20, and bird photos are likely taken with either the XF55-200mm or the XF70-300mm and the 1.4x teleconverter.

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Personal sightings, photos, and reflections on birds


Michelle Arguelles

Michelle Arguelles is a beginner birder and hobbyist photographer with a day job in tech marketing. She lives in Oakland, CA.